KAWT Helps Women in Malindi During Covid-19 Pandemic

Kenya Association of Women in Tourism ( KAWT) is a non-profit organization that empowers women to create opportunities that promote their livelihood. Some of the women who have really benefited from KAWT during this Pandemic are the Baharini Women who most of them had become very desperate due to lack of jobs and the collapse of the tourism industry.

When KAWT came to picture, they empowered the Baharini Women to become creative by showing them how to make soap and start soap selling business. This empowered the women and enhanced their creativity that not only the tourism industry they can depend but also they can have other business ideas which they can implement and earn income for their families. The Soap making business has really empowered the Women of Baharini and Kenya Association of Women in Tourism is really doing a great job empowering women.
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