Core Values

Integrity, Openness and Professionalism

  • We will conduct ourselves with integrity in all our dealings; we will be transparent, ethical, accountable and professional.  
  • We value trust, sincerity, honesty, and candour in relationships both personally and organizationally.
  • We encourage our members and employees to express ideas, opinions and thoughts in an honest and genuine manner.

 Service, Quality, Excellence, Commitment and Individualized Support

  • Customer Service is our driving force. Our wish is to continually strive to satisfy our customers by delivering results, providing quality products and services, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • We provide the best quality in all of our products and services.  Our goal is to exceed industry benchmarks.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • We value a positive corporate image and are sensitive to our environmental and corporate responsibilities to the community.
  • We will actively participate in environmental and biodiversity conservation and support community involvement.


Dynamic and Innovative / Creative

  • Passion; action oriented
    We will look for innovative solutions to the challenge of women in tourism, and will apply these solutions in a just and caring manner

Partnerships, teamwork and collaboration

  • KAWT will provide a positive and challenging environment that supports the achievement of mission goals and fosters team spirit.
  • We are partners with our customers, stakeholders, suppliers and are committed to harnessing partnerships for the benefit of our customers.
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