KAWT Leadership

The 2021-2024 Executive Committee Members is comprised members elected by KAWT members. Executive Committee members are elected by the membership at our annual general meeting every three (3) years.

Jane Adam
Jane AdamNational ChairpersonEmail: chairperson@kawt.or.ke
Maureen Awuor
Maureen AwuorNational Vice ChairpersonEmail: info@kawt.or.ke
Faith Kithu
Faith KithuChair Devolution & County Charpter CordinationEmail: devolution@kawt.or.ke
Nyandia Nyamu
Nyandia NyamuNational Secretary & CEOEmail: info@kawt.or.ke
Jacqueline Kali
Jacqueline KaliNational Vice SecretaryEmail: secretariat@kawt.or.ke
Joyce Kienji
Joyce KienjiNational TreasurerEmail: treasurer@kawt.or.ke
Arjaa Shah
Arjaa ShahNational Vice Treasurer; Chair Resource MobilizationEmail: treasurer@kawt.or.ke
Maimuna Mohamed
Maimuna Mohamed Chair, MICE and PR CommitteeEmail: mice@kawt.or.ke
Lucy Macridis
Lucy MacridisChair, Training and Mentorship CommitteeEmail: mentorship@kawt.or.ke
Sallie Khavere
Sallie KhavereChair, Membership CommitteeEmail: membership@kawt.or.ke
Liz Ayany
Liz AyanyChair, CSR CommitteeEmail: csr@kawt.or.ke
Emma Kipyesang
Emma KipyesangExecutive Member; Chair, Trans Nzoia County ChapterEmail: info@kawt.or.ke
Joanne Ndirangu
Joanne NdiranguSecretary, Training and Membership CommitteeEmail: info@kawt.or.ke
Natalie NesbittChair, Youth CommitteeEmail: info@kawt.or.ke
Janet Chamia
Janet ChamiaChair, Mombasa County ChapterEmail: mombasa@kawt.or.ke
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