Who We Are

Kenya Association of Women in Tourism. KAWT is a non-profit association, whose primary mandate is to provide a platform for women's empowerment through engagement, employment and participation in the tourism industry. KAWT through it's established networks and associations has engaged and participated with other industry players in formulating policies on issues regarding wildlife and environmental conservation, we have indulged our passion for conserving the environment through our "Turning Tourism Green " initiative which has seen the association plant over 10,000 trees in four different counties.

Our membership of over one hundred is made up of women in tourism and hospitality related businesses both in the public and private sector, drawn from Nairobi and other counties. Through our county chapters we engage both the local and national governments in highlighting and being at the fore front of pursuing solutions for issues affecting the women and vulnerable members of the community.

KAWT appreciates the role of being role models in the industry, we have created a vibrant and robust training and mentorship program in our higher institutions of learning to give the younger generation of ladies the same confidence and purpose passed on to us by lady pioneers in the industry. KAWT continues to grow in strength and scope and welcomes all like minded women who share our vision and mission to join us.

Join the KAWT for the professional support and growth that you won’t find anywhere else

Our Mission

To empower women through policy, advocacy and participation in the tourism industry

Our Vision

The credible voice and choice for our members and the industry.

Our Objective

  • To unite and mobilize women in the tourism and hospitality sector to take an active role in the promotion of tourism in Kenya and come up with programs that promote and enhance social harmony.
  • To advocate among women the spirit of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement  to enhance women's overall competence and development.
  • To participate in the formulation of laws, regulations and policies concerning women and children thus promoting implementation of national programs for their development and overall wellbeing.
  • To serve women and children in close cooperation with all sectors of the society; to mobilize and coordinate all social forces to develop supportive services for women and children.
  • To train and mentor the upcoming tourism and hospitality practitioners to prepare them for the job market and enhance their performance through provision of best practises.
  • To actively develop friendly exchanges with women and women's organizations both locally globally with a view to strengthening mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation.